Ear tubes and sweater pants

Took the little guy to the ENT today. He’s getting tubes next Friday.

In the afternoon, we all took Megan to the allergy and asthma clinic. It doesn’t look like she has allergies, but she’s going to start Advair in place of QVar, and when her cough acts up I’m going to take her to this new doctor. Besides the fact that he’s an asthma specialist, the office validates parking, which is enough to send me there instead of the pediatrician!

I also started cloth diapering Benny. It’s so funny that when Caitlin and I were growing up, we had so much in common on the outside (same house, same school, same academic prowess, same hair), but inside, we were so very different.

Now that we’re adults, Caitlin and I lead completely different lives, but inside, we’re finding that we have much in common.

By the way, Caitlin sewed these cute wool pants from an old sweater. On an actual sewing machine.

Benny’s legs stayed nice and warm on our cold hardwood floor.


4 thoughts on “Ear tubes and sweater pants

  1. Cute pants!! I'm glad they fit. I've been sewing away so if you want some cute green fleece ones, I can make them in his size. We don't lead completely different lives. We both had babies in our last semester of BYU. That's something in common!

  2. Cloth diapers…I don't think I'll ever enter that arena. Clayton started Singulair for his allergy induced asthma and hasn't had a problem since. I hope they can figure out how to help Megan soon. It's miserable for a child.

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