Out of Hibernation

The intense cold made for a slow week, as our days revolved around doctor’s appointments, school, work, and classes at the YMCA.

Megan had a great dentist appointment. She continues to read everything she can get her hands on, pouring through Magic Tree House, The Boxcar Children, and other series. I was proud to learn she has also started reading The Book of Mormon on her own. In spite of her love of learning, she has no use for homework and I got an email from her teacher today. We’ll have to figure out a way to make her as excited about math worksheets as she is about everything else.

It took three technicians and 20 minutes to get four dental x-rays on Gavin. I liked the dentist’s office a lot. They were firm but kind and Gavin snapped out of it, and let them clean his teeth with no drama. Gavin, in general, is slow to warm up to anything. He takes a long time to transition from one thing to the next. My new goal is to get him swimming by the summer. I enrolled him in swim lessons beginning in February, but I decided to go ahead and get him used to the water, so we are going to start swimming at the Y. Based on the death grip he had around my neck, four months may be not enough time. However, by the end of this morning, he was motoring around on a kickboard. The look on his face was half terror, half excitement.

We have a bucket of toys set up in every room in the house. However, Ben has less than no interest in the mounds of cars, blocks, and baby toys with lights and music. He prefers remote controls, electrical outlets, and toilets. If you ever leave the bathroom doors open, check the shower. That’s his favorite place to play. He’s still a pretty calm kid, but screams every time I leave him in the YMCA nursery.

The freakishly cold temperatures finally rose, and we hit the playground as soon as Megan got off the bus. It was not as crowded as I had hoped, but the fresh air was welcome. Gavin snapped this picture when I wasn’t looking.


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