Shopping and Sundays

I keep squeezing Ben into size 18 month outfits. I don’t want to admit that he’s not a baby anymore. Yesterday, with a sigh, I dug into Gavin’s 2T bin. The outfit I selected didn’t swallow him, and it was probably more comfortable than the smaller sized clothes. He’s my big boy.

He would only let me take a picture of him if I let him chew on my lens cap.

Yesterday Christopher offered to do the grocery shopping. He has been great about helping out lately, especially with the shopping and cooking. We have been talking about getting some nice items for our kitchen, and a 20% off entire purchase coupon to Bed Bath & Beyond came in the mail last week.

Christopher came home with this. (Not shown: new electric griddle)

He was serious when he said he was going to spend his golf money on ingredients and tools for gourmet cooking. Rest assured we are eating well at the Richins house. Now we just need to learn how to entertain guests and we’re set.

Tonight, for the second Sunday in a row, we were invited to have dinner with a family from church. We had a great time, the kids had a great time, and once again we wondered if we’ll ever have permanent friends, because they are moving back to Nashville in a year and a half. Christopher is often reluctant to invest in a short-term relationship, but I am always ready to make new friends. Besides, if we hit it off with this family, then we’ll have someone to visit in Nashville!

They had four kids and liked literature, college football, and board games. We hit it off.

And finally, just for fun:


I found some pictures of Gavin wearing that outfit I put on Ben. Gavin was THREE!!


5 thoughts on “Shopping and Sundays

  1. ok, I want Christoper to do my shopping. Good gravy! That was a nice haul!I feel the same way about these kids getting bigger. Boss is now in a 3T, which meant he wore his 2T stuff for about 2 weeks because I stuffed him in the smaller stuff for too long. As usual, cute, cute pics.

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