Octopus is really yummy

The weekend has flown by. Saturday I picked up toys and clothes while Christopher vacuumed, and then I took Megan and Gavin swimming at the Y while Ben napped and Christopher sold some bracelets.

At 5:30 our babysitter Emily came over. It was time to go out!

I wore my little black dress. Christopher wore his black suit and red tie. We headed to Kyma, a Greek seafood tavern.

Eating dinner with Christopher at a fancy restaurant is always such a treat. The food is the silver lining. The fun part is watching Christopher. He has had so much experience with fine dining that he, unlike me, is completely comfortable in an expensive restaurant. He’s so classy, I just laugh to myself the whole time. Is this the same kid I married, the one in the baseball cap and flannel jacket whose idea of a splurge was the soup and salad at Olive Garden?

The food was divine. I love Greek food. I love seafood. We started with bread drizzled with olive oil and pita bread with three different spreads: eggplant, pepper and feta (think: fancy pimento cheese), and yellow chickpea (fancy hummus). Then we sampled seared ahi tuna, lamb meatballs, lamb pie, pan-fried cheese, and the pièce de résistance: wood-grilled octopus.

I had never had octopus before. It was delicious.

We finished dinner at 7:30. Christopher wanted to go see Avatar, but I didn’t want to stay out until midnight. We had a new babysitter and I was wearing pantyhose. But I wasn’t ready to go home, so we stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home. Christopher thought it killed the mood, but I made it up to him later.


6 thoughts on “Octopus is really yummy

  1. I`m glad that you had fun. You guys deserved a night out. But I`m with Christine on the subject of octopus. I bet Bryan would love it though. He`s MUCH braver than me(and less picky) when it comes to food. He ate a raw oyster once. What is Trader Joe`s?

  2. Trader Joe's is the best grocery store ever. Period. Octopus sounds gross, but I like most seafood so I'd probably enjoy it. Though I would never eat at a fancy restaurant, probably, ever. But I'm glad you had fun!

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