Benjamin Turns One

Can you believe Benny is a year old? We celebrated Monday night with a cake and presents. Ben dug right in to his large slice of white cake with chocolate frosting, with lots of encouragement from his family.

At one year old, Ben is still a good baby. He loves being part of the action, and hates being alone. He eats everything he can get his hands on, and nurses twice a day. He loves electronics and being outside. He will happily go to strangers, but only if Mom or Dad stay nearby. His sleep schedule is erratic, but he goes down well, with his pacifier and two blankets–a white muslin one, and a red fleece one. He makes various sounds that we think correspond to words– Dada, Mama, Ssss (Sissy), Gaga. The word he most often says is “Ni Ni”. It might mean “Night-night” or “Nurse” or “No”, but we know when we hear it, he’s ready for bed.

Ben is pulling up, cruising, and crawling. We have caught him trying to stand without support, but he quickly falls over. It will probably be a few months before he’s walking. He has also started to climb, which is a scary situation and keeps us on our toes. In addition to our baby gate, we arrange ottomans, pillows, and chairs to keep him out of things.

Ben has eight teeth and four molars on the way. He’s big for his age, and we’ll find out how big at his next checkup, at the end of this week.

We sure love having him as part of our family.


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