My Family Today

1. Megan ran out the door at 7:40 a.m., to catch a ride with Cates and Ella Wells, as she does every morning. She finally started reading Harry Potter, after I suggested it to her several times and she “wasn’t a fan.” However, she is now converted, and keeps pumping me for information.

2. After lunch, Gavin begged to go to the pool. We did, and when I asked to see how far he could swim without my help, he swam the entire length of the pool. I’m not a fan of swimming in the winter, but I’m tickled pink that Gavin’s doing so well. We are going to have a FUN summer!

3. Ben enjoyed the pool as well, holding on the entire time to a red rubber ball that was floating in the water when we got there.

4. Christopher planned to surprise me by coming home at 5 p.m. However, the best laid plans were foiled when his car caught fire. He managed to make it to the mechanic down the street from his office, and I picked him up from the Starbucks next door at 5:30.


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