Gavin Turns Five!

I can’t believe Gavin is five years old. Although I know I’m not supposed to, I tend to compare him to Megan when tracking his development. And I’m beginning to realize that he hits the milestones at the same times, just in a different way. Megan has always developed steadily and continually. Gavin’s development tends to happen in spurts, and always on his own terms. Swimming, reading, wiping his own bum — if you are patient enough, one day he’ll wake up and do them.

He is still incredibly sensitive and our most challenging kid. It’s hard work to keep him fed and rested and happy. But with the tears and mood swings comes great compassion and affection. Gavin feels everything just a little more deeply and I’m sure it will become one of his greatest assets.

On Gavin’s birthday, I took the boys to the Children’s Museum in the morning. We hit the YMCA in the afternoon, and when Christopher got home, we celebrated at home with a spaghetti dinner, cupcakes, and presents.

The next morning we were able to have a little party at Mighty Jumps, which could not have gone better. Gavin invited two boys from his Primary class at church, and including Ben, there were four siblings, which made it a little more festive. I was worried the snow might hinder our plans, but it held off until just after we all made it home. We almost had the place to ourselves, and the Mighty Jumps employees were nice enough to let us throw a party (I brought in cupcakes and juice boxes) without actually paying for a party. They even gave me a pack of Happy Birthday napkins when I bought a pizza.


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