Warm Weather, Hot Dates

Snow last weekend. Spring today. What a welcome change.

To catch up, here are some pictures from Tuesday’s museum trip. I love that we live so close to midtown and can zip down there without too much hassle.

Saturday morning I experienced my first children’s boutique warehouse sale. It was a little overwhelming at first, I have to admit. It was like Running of the Brides, but instead of wedding dresses, women were grabbing smocked bishop dresses and jon-jons. I’m not much of a “dig through the racks” kind of shopper, preferring Gymboree.com to TJ Maxx any day. However, after an hour I had acclimated. Finding Megan a dress was high on the priority list. She’s at that age where everything looks too babyish or too old. In size 8, we found cotton-candy pink bishop dresses with bunnies and little spaghetti-strap numbers I would expect to see at a cocktail party.

Finally, we found one. On a rack we had already looked at. It was hand smocked, age appropriate, modest, good colors, and marked down to $20.

It’s also 100% cotton, which means my iron will have to come out of storage.

It was a short trip, but a lot of fun. I learned that I like shopping for smocked clothes, especially when they are marked down 60-70%, and that I really like hanging out with my daughter!

The afternoons were spent at the park. I think everyone in Buckhead was at Chastain Park on Saturday afternoon. Gavin sure had fun.

Benjamin, while more content outside than in, had a rough weekend. All four molar have peeked through his swollen gums, but he still seems to be dealing with the pain, and certainly the drool.

In the evening, we enjoyed some Bain recruiting activities. Twice we were able to have our neighbor Emily come over at 7 p.m., just after we had put the kids to bed, and go out. Thursday night we had dinner at Nava, and it was no Kyma but still tasty, especially because I got the filet. Saturday night we joined Bain offerees and a handful of colleagues and SOs (significant others) for dinner at Engine 11 Firehouse Tavern. The traffic was horrendous, as it was down the street from Georgia Tech, but we made it in one piece. After dinner we played trivia and Christopher and I walked away with two digital picture frames.

Back to the rat race tomorrow.


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