Secret Garden

I had a great experience at the dentist this morning. The hygienist, who had been cleaning teeth with the practice for 30 years, knew her stuff, and the cute, young, and very gay dentist told me I had beautiful teeth and there was nothing wrong with my bonded front tooth (a month ago another dentist told me I needed to replace it with a crown). The appointment took less than 30 minutes.

I got home just before Christopher and the boys, who were at the Y for Gavin’s swim lesson. I thought Christopher would get dressed for work and head out the door, and was surprised when he settled in an armchair with his laptop and a stack of tax forms. I took advantage of him being at home by putting Ben down for his nap and taking Gavin for a much-needed haircut, followed by Publix, the dry cleaner’s, and the library.

Across the street from our building, there’s a lovely courtyard that no one seems to visit, that we call our “Secret Garden.” We were exploring it the other day when Gavin said, “This would be a great place to take pictures.” I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself. The area is full of brick, benches, shrubs, flowers, and even a fountain. So today I took Gavin and his new haircut down for a little photo shoot.

After dinner, a loan officer came to our house so we could sign a million papers to refinance our Charlottesville house. After we finished the paperwork, Christopher sold the guy, a basketball coach at a private school, $60 in bracelets.


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