Too Much Fun to Handle

We’ve been keeping busy as usual, although it still seems like Gavin spends an inordinate amount of time in front of the television/computer, and I got a note from Megan’s long-term substitute teacher that she hasn’t been doing her work. So she is sitting next to me and will probably be doing homework for several hours today, and I’m going to update the blog.

(Ella Wells is “babysitting” the boys for me in Gavin’s room while her mom is at the doctor.)

Sunday was busy. I had to be at church early for choir and after a quick lunch and nap we headed to the Budges for ice cream and Rook. The last time we played five-player Rook was at Wymount with Dave, Robyn, and Duane. Good times.

Monday was a cold, windy day and I took the boys to the children’s museum. After school we had swim lessons. Gavin quit. Because of all the drama surrounding his lesson and putting him in a too-difficult level, I asked for a refund and they gave it to me. Megan is still doing very well, although doesn’t want to take lessons next month.

Tuesday was warmer, and we were able to go to the elementary school playground after school. There are no baby swings, but there is a swing for disabled children that I can buckle Ben into. There’s also a nice track around an AstroTurf field, which is always dry and perfect for Ben to crawl on.

(Oh, and Robyn, Ben puts everything up to his ear like a phone, too! Do we spend that much time on the phone?)


4 thoughts on “Too Much Fun to Handle

  1. Thank you for talking to me on your blog. That makes me feel good. I would like the talent that you have of relating your everyday events in an interesting, easy-to-read, real way. I love your blog.Wish you were here to play 5 player Rook. But then we'd have to find a single player. Maybe William or Megan could figure it out.

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