Megan’s Note

So Megan brought home a note yesterday about all the work she didn’t do this week, followed by, “This is disappointing. Signed, Mrs. Mann.”

We gave Megan a good lecture about work ethic and how Richins do well in school and I’m thinking maybe skipping her was a mistake and I might have to home school her because the rigid school schedule is holding back her natural desire to learn and Christopher said something about her not getting into her first-choice college which I secretly rolled my eyes at.

Then we emailed Mrs. Mann to see what the problem was and what we could do to help Megan.

I got this email back:


Megan is a delightful student with a wonderful work habit. She is focused and will ask questions if she is uncertain. More times than not, she knows what to do and does it. She is social, and yet not overly social, and has many friends. She related that the note involved in the writing workshop would have been good for her when she arrived at Brandon. She has so many positive traits that give you reason to praise her, and you are to be congratulated. The students went to the library to do poems, my effort to give each some independence. I remained in the classroom. However, there were poetry books, Shel Silverstein and others, in the room. These activities were divided into four groups, with a day for each task, and then times given to complete those tasks each had not completed.

Megan is confident and well adjusted, and fits into the class with all. She has a great compassion that allows her to work with everyone, (even the boys). (At this stage they do not seem to like to work cross-gender.) There is nothing that I would suggest, she is all that I would want my child to be, courteous, thoughtful, intelligent, creative, focused, etc. She is wonderful. You are doing all and more. My congratulations on producing an exceptional individual. I especially enjoy and like her smile.

I enjoyed working with Megan, and i see much success in her future.


I’m confused, and relieved. And pleased. I guess next time we shouldn’t freak out quite so much, although it’s never a bad idea to teach a child how to work. Christopher and I worry that our children are spoiled rotten.


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