Sunny Skies

Things sure do run more smoothly around here when the weather is nice.

Friday was gorgeous, and while Megan was in school the boys and I stocked the house with groceries. In the afternoon, we spent over two hours at the railroad track park, and had a blast. Christopher was working late, so we had leftovers for dinner and he got home just in time to help put the kids to bed, around 8 pm.

Saturday was so beautiful I wanted to cry. We made ten different plans before we managed to leave the house. We were going to try out some parks and the planetarium in Midtown before realizing there was a huge marathon going on and decided to avoid that. We thought about going hiking along the Chattahoochee. And it became apparent that Ben was going to be cranky and need a good nap. I ended up taking Ben for a long walk around the neighborhood in the jogger while the rest of the family cleaned their rooms, and when we returned I made lunch for everyone and Ben went down for a nap. Then, Christopher took Megan and Gavin to Chastain for a few hours. When they got home, Christopher looked around and asked, “What did you do while we were gone?” (I think I had said, Go on to the park, and I’ll clean up around here.) The best laid plans turned into sitting on the couch, enjoying the silence. I’ve finished a bunch of good books lately, most recently the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Pizza for dinner. We watched Secondhand Lions with the kids, then quickly shooed them to bed so we could watch the BYU basketball game, which was disappointing but not unexpected.

Today was both exhausting and relaxing. We made it to church. Christopher took Ben out as soon as the Sacrament was over, and I didn’t see them again for an hour. Christopher taught Sunday school about Isaac and Rebecca and covenant marriage and Jacob and Esau and their birthright. It sounded like a good lesson; unfortunately, I only caught snippets as I was on Benny duty. Four more months until he’s in nursery! I can’t wait for July.


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