Stomach Bugs and Easter Eggs

The week started out great. Christopher had worked like crazy over the weekend, and was able to work from home on Monday and Tuesday. I took advantage of it by getting a massage and running errands while Ben was sleeping.

The weather started to warm up mid-week, and we were excited for our Easter and Spring Break plans to visit South Carolina.

Wednesday Christopher went into the office, and I was walking out the door to playgroup, when I got a call from Nurse Nancy. Megan had thrown up. Luckily, she had made it to the bathroom in the nurse’s office. What a trooper.

I picked her up from school and she headed to bed with a book. She didn’t seem too sick, so I thought maybe it was a fluke.


She spent the next five hours throwing up, including twice in her bed, once while the sheets were still warm from the last time they were washed and dried.

She ended up asleep on the bathroom floor. It was so sad, but I have to admit I was a tiny bit amused when she was, at one point, lying on the ground yelling, “Kill me now! Seriously, just do it!”

I even pulled out my pregnancy supply of Zofran and Phenergan. Unfortunately, they did nothing against this bug. Fortunately, it only lasted five hours.

When she woke up, she started on Popsicles and ice chips and by bedtime was feeling a bit better.

That’s when my stomach started hurting. And let me tell you, when I was lying on the floor saying, “Kill me now,” it was not amusing.

I puked from 8 pm to 2 am, and it was miserable. I also fell asleep on the bathroom floor. Christopher made me as comfortable as possible–fashioned a pallet by the toilet, offered to hold my hair–but there was really nothing to be done. At one point, I was trying to make it from the toilet to my bed, and I just fell down in the middle of my bedroom floor and lay there awhile.

Throwing up is the worst. We thought I might have to head to the ER and get a bag of ringers. I probably needed one.

Christopher stayed up all night long, waiting on me and listening out for the kids. I called him just about every hour on my cell phone, even though he was only in the next room.

The next day I was so weak I could hardly move, and luckily Christopher had Thursday and Friday off. Luckily, and sadly. He worked so hard for months, and finally, he gets a break, it’s 70 degrees outside, and he’s inside holding down the fort.

I took such a long nap on Thursday afternoon that when Gavin woke me up Friday at 4:30 am, I let Christopher sleep.

The first time Gavin puked, I moved him from the top bunk to the bottom. The second time, we moved to the couch with a bowl. He spent the next three hours throwing up every 15 minutes, and it didn’t seem to bother him near as much as it had me. He hardly took his eyes off the TV, and within hours was asking for breakfast and running around. I let him have Popsicles and Gatorade.

Today, Saturday, started out late. I slept until 9:30 and Ben was in bed until 10:30. The house was a disaster. Believe it or not, I set the timer for 30 minutes and told everyone to clean and when it beeped the house felt like a home again. The laundry was clean, just in baskets. Christopher made beds while I did the dishes. Megan stacked books and Gavin picked up toys. I wiped down everything with Clorox wipes–door handles, the computer mouse, the remote controls, the counters, the toilets, the sinks. I even boiled the toothbrushes.

Knock on wood, we are done. This illness was brutal but blessedly brief. And despite disrupting our South Carolina travel plans, it made me grateful for so many things. One, I’m grateful for having a partner. Christopher was there to take over when I was out of commission. I can’t imagine not having that support. Also, I’m grateful for our health. While I was throwing up, I said to Christopher, “Gosh, we are so lucky none of us have chronic illnesses. What if I were puking because I was on chemo?”

And today. Wow, today was General Conference! Already, there is such a dominant theme: teach your children, teach them young, and teach them by example. Teach them that Jesus Christ loves them. Teach them that they are of worth. Teach them honesty, modesty, morality, charity.

More General Conference tomorrow, and I don’t know what the heck we are going to do for Spring Break. Maybe go to South Carolina.

But good news. Before we got sick, we dyed Easter Eggs! (Ben was mad he did not get to participate. Next year, sweet boy.)

And today, the boys were healthy enough to wrestle. Things are getting back to normal.


7 thoughts on “Stomach Bugs and Easter Eggs

  1. Love all the pictures, and I so know what you mean about how blessed we are with overall good health. We're on about round 216 of sick people around here and it stinks. BUT, all of our illnesses are short lived, and just when I think 'I can't do this anymore…,' everyone always gets to feeling better again and the memories and sleep deprivation fade away.So, so, so many blessings.Kids and I are heading to the coast for a few days Monday, but let's plan a zoo day when we get back. Or at least a picnic. I'm needing me a Lauren fix.Happy Easter!!!

  2. Sounds like that might have been food poisoning rather than a bug. I read that what 24 hour or less stomach bugs usually are is a form of food poisoning. Usually if it is a bug it has a lot more symptoms. I could be wrong though.I liked how simple your eggs are. I am not a fan of the ones with all the stickers and stands and stuff. Simple is the way the fathers of our nation dyed their eggs.

  3. You should've told Megan that's what it feels like to be pregnant. Maybe that'll keep her chaste in her teenage years. Or maybe your teaching her chastity will. Either way…

  4. Ben is getting so BIG! He's so cute! I love looking at all of your pictures. Sorry you guys were so sick! We had a variation of that bug a few weeks ago. Ours wasn't as frequent, but it lasted about 24 hours. That was not a fun weekend. My favorite was when Mike asked if he could leave me and go to the Provincial basketball game (high school). My niece and nephew were also over. Let's just say that got shot down REAL quick. Oi. Men. LOL. ttys, L

  5. Yikes, being sick is no fun. Kate and Austin both got that last week, which was horrible because we were at my friends parents house and yes, he puked all over their floor and I'm pretty sure it left a stain. But luckily it wasn't in the bed…almost, but thankfully not. It was really sad with Kate but we are used to her puking in the middle of the night. I almost didn't think much of it except that instead of puking once or twice she was up for a couple hours. Anyway, I am glad you are feeling better, glad Pard was able to be around to help and was willing to do so, glad Pard and Ben didn't seem to get it.Your pictures are amazing. Love the pictures of the egg dye.

  6. O Lauren this post made me want to cry! Those short but powerful sicknesses can be brutal and spread like wild fire. I hope you're feeling like a million bucks now and made it to South Carolina to see your family.

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