Megan the Brain

It won’t be long before Megan is smarter than me. That became apparent tonight when we were laying in her bed, reading together.

“Mom, my book is twice as long as yours,” she declared. Her 734 pages of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire handily beat my 290 pages of The Chosen, one of my favorite books.

After we read, we did some math. Megan finished her homework, multiplication and division, in about 3 minutes, and wanted more. So I taught her about mean, median, and mode, and gave her number groups to solve. Then we worked on her “common facts”: days in each month, freezing point of water, cups in a gallon, etc.

When she started answering me in French, I knew — it won’t be long before this kid is smarter than me.

Homeschooling Megan would be a blast. I would learn so much teaching her. I wonder if I’ll ever be up to the challenge.


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