Monday, Leapin Lizards, and BYU Dating

Today was a typical Monday. Blah. Ben is still sick, and Gavin had trouble in Sunday School yesterday (hit another kid) so he’s grounded from TV and computer for the week.

So we read a lot of books. And took a long walk. The grounded thing isn’t really so bad for Gavin.

Especially because we do a lot of fun stuff around here. When we were in South Carolina, we visited Leapin’ Lizards with my cousin, Laci, and her 11-month-old, Jade. We got all four kids in for $7. Okay, so non-walkers are free.

When I was a kid, warehouses full of giant inflatable slides were special treats. Not for my spoiled children. We are becoming quite the connoisseurs of indoor inflatable playplaces. Last week, I got an email for a free visit to a new one, Kangazoom.

And I don’t say no to free.

The verdict: Monkey Joes/Mighty Jumps is perfect for the preschool crowd, Leapin Lizards for the toddlers, and Kangazoom has something for everyone. Even adults are allowed to jump at Kangazoom, which reminded me of my BYU days. In Provo, a hot date is inflatable sumo wrestling, followed by cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

(found this photo on Google… couldn’t find any of mine already in digital format, but believe me, they exist)

Other hot Provo dates:

Ice skating
Building a fire in the canyon and roasting marshmallows
Free foreign films at the International Cinema
BYU sports (football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, etc.)
Anything in the Harris Fine Arts Center (Christopher took me to see a jazz band performance for one of our first dates)
Friends’ weddings
50 cent night at the dollar theater
The gun range

Anywhere, blindfolded

Spelunking, no longer in Nutty Putty 😦

And finally–skydiving. No, this is not me. Thankfully, jumping out of a plane was not a prerequisite for marrying Christopher.


4 thoughts on “Monday, Leapin Lizards, and BYU Dating

  1. Had to laugh at your mention of skydiving. For Christmas one year, I bought Bill and I a jump in hopes he would think I was so cool that he would just have to propose to me immediately. I was almost as terrified of the small plane as I was the scary guy I was supposed to jump with. It was the most miserable experience of my entire life. And he didn't propose for another 7 months.

  2. Chris took someone else skydiving- and not you- rude!oh nutty putty- *sigh*and I love the pics of the guys in suits and blindfolds. they look like sitting ducks- kinda vulnerable- which is quite funny for a bunch of guys in suits.

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