Our South Carolina Weekend

When we weren’t at the children’s museum, zoo, Leapin Lizards, the park, or a restaurant, we were at my parent’s house. If we were at my parent’s house, Megan and Gavin were playing Wii. And Benny was trying to escape.

On Friday, Christopher was able to join us.

That night, we attended the temple for the first time in forever, maybe since before I got pregnant with Ben. It felt so good to walk into the temple–the same one we were married in–change into my white dress, and remember the covenants I have made. Remember why I married Christopher in the first place.

The temple also got us ready for total relaxation, which is what we did for the next 44 hours. After Sunday morning Sacrament meeting, a photo-op, and Mom’s melt-in-your-mouth roast with all the fixin’s, we had to drive home.

Most pictures which included Benjamin looked like this:

But we still think he’s pretty cute.


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