Benny Alert

I just spent $46 for doctors to tell me Ben has a cold. I took him in after seven days of a booger nose, cough, and fussiness, and he was fine. A few days later, he spiked a fever, so I took him back. According to the doctor, he just has “another virus.” Yay.

But this boy. We sure love him. When he wakes up and starts talking, Gavin always asks if he can go “check on Benny.”

Megan and Gavin also help keep him out of trouble. When Ben gets into mischief, which is constantly, they yell “Benny Alert,” which is my cue to come running.

Ben is a funny kid. He used to be so laid back, but I knew such a personality trait would not linger in a child with both Christopher’s and my DNA. Lately, he has become quite demanding, realizing that if he yells loud enough, he can usually get what he wants. He’s not quite as spoiled as our other two, but he’s getting there. One thing I’ve been good about is putting him to bed without any fanfare. So he’s a pretty good sleeper. He often wakes up in the night, but all it takes is finding his pacifier to get him back to sleep.

Ben loves to talk. He babbles all day long. It sounds like, “MamaDadaGagaYaYassssMMMMNNNNDuh…” with raspberries and clicking tongue sounds, squeals and demanding yells. He knows exactly what he is saying, but no one else can understand him yet. He has fooled several people, though. Yesterday, when I got the mail, he was babbling away, and the mail lady smiled at him and talked back. Then she said, “I can’t understand you, but I’m sure your mama can.” Let me tell you, if I could, life would be a bit easier.

Ben thinks he is a much bigger boy. If Megan and Gavin can do it, surely he can. He eats everything they eat, he plays with their toys, he brushes his teeth and hair. Today I saw him pull up on Gavin and drag him to the ground with all 25 pounds. It’ll be a pretty even match in a few years.


3 thoughts on “Benny Alert

  1. I wish $46 was all I paid at my last doctor's visit to learn nothing new 🙂 I hope he gets better soon. What a sweet boy. People say the same thing when they hear Alyssa talking…and I'm no better off than you are.

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