Fifteen months

Megan was a busy toddler, but generally pretty happy and docile until she hit three. Her “terrible twos” lasted from about age 3 to 4.

Gavin was our couch potato. He was a great toddler, and didn’t hit start throwing tantrums until 2 1/2. His terrible twos lasted until last week.

And Benjamin? Remember that sweet baby Ben?

I think he has hit the terrible twos. At fifteen months.

He screams. He hits. He kicks. He throws himself on the ground.

Until he gets exactly what he wants. And then he’s fine.

Ben’s tantrums started at the exact time Gavin stopped crying every night at bedtime and started saying, “Goodnight, Mom. I’ll stay in my bed. Sweet dreams, I mean, sweet cleaning!”

At least God knows not to give me two troublemakers at once. But I could have used a little break.


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