Busy bees

Question 1:

We have been busy bees, as we:

a. wrap up Megan’s 2nd grade school year
b. chase Ben around
c. feed Gavin every 45 minutes
d. celebrate Christopher’s 32nd birthday
e. all of the above

If you selected “e”, you’re right!

Let’s do a backwards recap.

Monday, May 3 – Torrential downpour called for visit with the boys to Mighty Jumps. Christopher working late called for dinner at Chick-fil-A. Ben skipped his nap (a first). Gavin had gymnastics at the Y and I walked around the track for half an hour. When I picked up Benjamin from the nursery, he was not crying (another first!)

Sunday, May 2 – Ben had a miserable night (screaming bloody murder every half hour) and we stayed home from church. His eye teeth are coming in and the Motrin and Orajel are doing nothing. He fussed all morning and had a restless nap. Christopher got home with Megan and Gavin and went straight to bed (he had had a rough night, too). Since it was his birthday, I let him sleep, and he went a solid five hours. I put a roast in, and finally Ben settled down for a good nap, and I slept, too. We had a great birthday dinner complete with Jell-O, rolls, and cupcakes. And presents.

Saturday, May 1 – Christopher and I got hour-long massages. Afterwards, I brought the kids home and put Ben down for a nap and Christopher went to the mall to buy some new clothes, which he desperately needs. I told him to buy four pairs of pants and four shirts. Several hours later, I joined him at the mall, and he had yet to buy a single article of clothing. After a few minutes with me, he had two pairs of pants and four shirts at the checkout. I could not convince him to buy more than two pairs of pants, which brings his total to three.


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