Playground and Megan’s First Bike Ride

Saturday morning was our inaugural splash in the YMCA pool. Ben took an early nap and I took Megan and Gavin and we had a blast. The water was the perfect temperature, we claimed lounge chairs in the shade, and we had plenty of snacks. The pool is designed for children; the depth increases gradually from inches to 3.5 feet at its deepest. In the “deep” end is a tall, twisty water slide. Megan went down the water slide about 50 times while Gavin paddled around in the shallow water. I imagine the pool wouldn’t be very fun for teenagers, but it’s perfect for us.

After lunch and a rest, the kids were getting antsy again, so we took a trip to the elementary school playground. This playground is unlike anything I have seen. My childhood playground was pretty sweet, with lots of equipment and a massive field. But Megan’s playground has a track around AstroTurf. It’s the perfect place to let Ben crawl around. It’s soft, always dry, and difficult to eat.

At seven and a half (on June 11, Megan would say), Megan finally got up the nerve to ride her bike, and in about two minutes was riding solo around the track. She yelled, “After all these years, I’m actually riding a bike! I was so scared, but look at me. I am awesome!” It will take her a little practice to start on her own, but she’s got the riding part down.

Note to self: Delaying milestones until as long as possible (bike riding, potty training, etc.) is easier than trying to do it early

Benjamin even tried walking a little. When I stood him up and put the camera just out of his reach.

He’ll take a few steps to humor me, and then throws himself forward and starts crawling before he hits the ground. He’s fast. I can only imagine how fast he’ll move when he starts walking.

Then we take a water break.

“Share with us, Sissy!”

The pecking order

Last but not least


5 thoughts on “Playground and Megan’s First Bike Ride

  1. I totally agreed on the "delayed" potty training, bike riding thing. Now if I could just get the 2 year old to understand that about staying in his crib!

  2. That is an awesome playground!!! Wish we were closer, we'd love to spend time playing and relaxing in the summer. It is my favorite way to spend my time!

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