Happy Father’s Day!

Dads are great. My fondest childhood memory was a trip to Atlanta. My dad was planning on taking Devin on a boys weekend, but I wouldn’t have it. “But he doesn’t even like baseball!” I argued. “I’ll appreciate it so much more!” So Dad took us both. We saw the Braves play and climbed Stone Mountain, and it was the best time I had with my dad (and Devin). Hopefully I didn’t scar Devin for life.

Christopher is the much-adored daddy of our brood. When the key turns in the lock and we hear the front door open, those three kids run, jump, and crawl into their daddy’s arms. From camping to computer games to surfing in the ocean, those kids love their daddy.

We made a lot of fun memories in Hilton Head with Christopher, my dad, and Christopher’s dad Stan. Christopher comes from good stock.

I’ll post more about our beach adventures later, but I will say this: Benjamin didn’t learn how to walk, but he did learn to swim and surf.

For the record, Benjamin didn’t seem to mind wiping out, and got right back on the boogie board. No matter how many times he went under, though, I couldn’t help but shriek until he was fished out of the ocean.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. I'm in awe. That's pretty amazing. It also makes me really sad I'm not there with you. And I think Atticus might start walking before Benny. Just saying 🙂

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