Fourth Weekend

While Christopher and Megan were in California, the boys and I enjoyed a weekend in Columbia. We arrived Friday afternoon and relaxed with my parents for the rest of the day. Ben was running a random high fever, but thankfully never had any other symptoms. Gavin used to run unexplained high fevers as well.

Saturday the weather was incredible. It was actually cool in the morning. In South Carolina. In July. I took Ben for a walk and we hung out until around 10:30, when my mom, Ethan, Gavin, and I went to see Toy Story 3. The movie was brilliant, and it was the first theater experience Gavin could remember. When the movie ended, he said, “That was so much fun!”

Later in the day we drove out to Gaston for a barbecue with the Carrolls. The food was great and Gavin swam for about three hours with his second cousins. Ben jumped off the diving board. Nobody thought to bring fireworks, which was fine with me because I don’t really like homespun fireworks shows. We went home, put the kids to bed, and watched the show in DC on PBS. Devin and Hillary had arrived from North Carolina and we hung out with them.

Sunday after church, Grandma and Earl and Grandma Carroll came over for dinner, which was delicious. We had roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes, the best macaroni and cheese Mom ever made, salad, tomatoes, corn, butter beans, rolls, and ice cream for dessert. In the evening Devin and Hillary drove home.

Monday I leisurely packed the car and headed out around 10:30. I have started taking a cooler to South Carolina with me and raiding my mom’s refrigerator before I leave. I stopped by Grandma’s, and she made me lunch and sent me home with even more food, including fresh peaches, tomatoes, and boiled peanuts. The drive was uneventful and the boys and I unpacked, took a quick swim, and went to bed early.

This morning Christopher and Megan were to arrive on the red-eye at a little after 6 a.m. They didn’t get home until almost 9:30, the reason for which is an amazing story I’ll have to include in another post. Ben and Christopher took a long nap, but Megan wouldn’t go to sleep, afraid she was going to miss something. We went to Mighty Jumps and Target in the afternoon, and around 5:30, while I was making dinner, Megan crashed on the couch. I spent the next 30 minutes protecting her from her brothers. Gavin was licking her, and Ben was smacking her. I sent both of them to their rooms.

At 6 p.m. Christopher arrived, dinner was ready, and I helped Megan to the table, where I was afraid she might fall out of her chair. We ate quickly and put the kids straight to bed.

Here are some pictures from our Carroll barbecue.

Benjamin with Uncle Paul, the baby whisperer. This was the only time all night Ben sat still.

A handful of the Carroll second cousins


4 thoughts on “Fourth Weekend

  1. It is so hard to get Aidan and Colton to look at the camera. And that dumb pacifier, any suggestions on weaning? I love the picture of them all together. That is a great picture of Daddy and Ben.

  2. sooooo jealous…..I can't believe how big everyone is getting! Cameron looks like Ammon in this pic. And there is a kid here I don't know????

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