July Daily Updates

July 31 – Drove back to Columbia, took the kids to the Fort Jackson Water Park with Poppy and Grammy.

July 30 – Wore kids out for 2 hours at Edventure, then turned them over to Poppy and headed to Asheville! Took The Walk with Hanson and saw the show that night!

July 29 – Back to Columbia! Stopped in Augusta on the way, played at Fort Discovery and briefly walked along the Savannah River in the 100 degree heat.

July 28 – Playdate at the Heckers. Swimming after dinner.

July 27 – Doctor’s appointment and shots for Ben. Swimming with the Thomas kids.

July 26 – Swimming early. Bowling with the Budge kids in the afternoon. BBQ sandwiches for dinner. Family night!

July 25 – Ben’s first official day in nursery. He had a level 3 meltdown and fell asleep on Christopher’s shoulder after he was rescued. The rest of the day was about like that.

July 24 – Ward pioneer day picnic with fried chicken and watermelon. Swimming in the afternoon, Mexican flatbread pizza for dinner. Crabby Ben early to bed.

July 23 – Kids eat free at IKEA and grocery shopping at Walmart. Bowtie lasagna for dinner and swimming after.

July 22 – Blueberry picking and swimming at the Carlson’s house. Swimming with the Johnsons.

July 21 – Swimming in the morning; swimming in the afternoon; pizza for dinner.

July 20 – Errands. Swimming with Aluris and Johnsons. Massage at the chiropractor’s office.

July 19 – Swimming with the Heckers in Dunwoody. Family night with final lesson about the Priesthood, finished our Family Mission Statement, and watched an episode of Phineas & Ferb.

July 18 – Friend from high school and her husband joined us at church. I’m sustained as the new Ward Music Chair. Renewed my temple recommend and got some great counsel.

July 17 – Breakfast around the campfire, came home and crashed!

July 16 – Boating and camping at Lake Allatoona with the Budges.

July 15 – Harry Potter 3 and swimming with Carla, tantrums, early dinner and bedtimes.

July 14 – Dentist with the kids. Costco after Ben’s nap. Swimming with Dad. Meeting with Bishop for new calling.

July 13 – Still sick. Christopher flew to Michigan. Slept as much as possible and took the kids swimming in the late afternoon. Easy dinner, early to bed for the boys. Megan playing with Shrinky Dinks for the last several hours.

July 12 – Sick. Slept as much as possible. Indian curry in the Crockpot. Put Ben to bed at 6:30 and let Megan and Gavin swim for an hour. Family night lesson about the Priesthood and brainstorming about our new Family Mission Statement.

July 11 – Church. Naps. Pork chops for dinner, almost as good as Grandma’s.

July 10 – Long swim at Rocca during Ben’s nap. Bain dinner at FAB.

July 9 – Swimming at YMCA. Naps. Phantom of the Opera.

July 8 – Swimming at Chastain. Lots of kids, no moms (camp counselors and au pairs). Signed up Gavin for fall soccer. Body sculpting class. Going to be sore tomorrow.

July 7 – Finally put away the mountains of clothes and suitcases and rediscovered my bedroom floor! Swimming during Ben’s nap. Reptiles at the library.

July 6 – Megan and Christopher made it home. Mighty Jumps, Target, early bedtimes.

July 5 – Easy drive back to Atlanta loaded down with food from my mom and Grandma’s house. Garden tomatoes, boiled peanuts, pasta salad. Yum.

July 4 – Church with patriotic hymns. Ben had fun in nursery. Sister Crosby is STILL a nursery leader. Amazing dinner with Grandma, Grandma and Earl.

July 3 – Toy Story 3 with Gavin, Mom, and Ethan. Barbecue at Carroll Farm with Carrolls, good food, and swimming. Sounds like Megan is having fun.

July 2 – Drove to South Carolina safely with the boys. Megan and Christopher flew to California for a special daddy/daughter trip with the Richins.


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