Last Summer Trip

I wanted to get in one last trip to SC before school started, so I planned to go last week when Christopher would be traveling to Minneapolis and Miami. Living four hours from my parents’ house is great.

A few days before I planned to leave, Christopher surprised me with tickets to see Hanson in Asheville. Hanson is my favorite band and after their MMMBop success waned, they continued making albums and performing at smaller venues. Seeing Hanson up close and personal was definitely on my bucket list, and I half-followed their tour schedules over the years, but never managed to see them when they were close: Anaheim, Seattle, D.C.

We decided I would drive to Columbia and get the kids settled and meet Christopher in Asheville, where we would see the concert and spend our first night away from Ben!

Hanson deserves its own post, so I’ll tell you one thing about Ben’s first night without Mama. He woke up at 11 p.m. and was up until 1:30. My parents are the biggest softies ever, and would not let him cry it out for even a few minutes. Also, Ben would have nothing to do with my mom. He only wanted his Poppy. At one point, my dad had to take him to the bathroom with him, because Ben wouldn’t let go. I told my dad, welcome to the club. Now he knows how a mother feels.

Ben loves that Poppy.

When I got home from Asheville, we took the kids to the Water Park at Fort Jackson, which was a blast. There was a big, medium, and small slide, which were perfect for Megan, Gavin, and Ben. The sky was overcast, and it was a military-only day, so we avoided the oppressive heat and crowds, water park staples. Wunderbar!

(waterpark video)

Sunday was thankfully a day of rest.

Monday my mom and I took the kids to the zoo, and enjoyed another overcast day. It was 78 degrees at 9 a.m., which in South Carolina in August, is a dream. We even took the train over to the botanical garden.

My mom spoiled us by buying lunch. And nectar for the lorikeets.

The rest of the week was relatively uneventful. We went out to Gaston to see Grandma and my cousins, and caught a free movie at Regal. I let Megan and Gavin watch the movie while I chased Ben around the theater for an hour and a half. I was exhausted after, but it was about as easy as chasing him around my mom’s house.

We came home on Thursday and were glad to be back in our own home with our own pool! Thursday afternoon we invited Megan’s friend Sarah over to swim, and her mom and sister Kate came. Later, some new neighbors, also with two little girls, arrived. Poor Gavin. He needs some boys to play with!

Luckily, yesterday was the open house at the kids’ schools. They met their teachers and are thrilled to start on Monday. New school year. Bring it on!


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