Stripling Warrior Weekend

The weekend was busy but relaxing. Christopher came home Friday night and we watched Avatar. Saturday morning I took Gavin to a Mothers & Sons “Stripling Warrior Training Activity” at the Heckers house, which was cute. For those not familiar with the Book of Mormon story, the stripling warriors were 2,000 young men whose parents, after years of war, had buried their weapons, covenanting never to fight again. Years later, these people were attacked again, but refused to fight. Instead, their young sons bravely took up arms to defend their families. After a bloody battle, every boy was wounded, but none had been killed. They attributed it to their faith in Jesus Christ, which they had learned from their mothers.

Our little stripling warriors, after a short lesson about following Jesus Christ and obeying their mothers, decorated cardboard shields and sugar cookies, then jumped on the trampoline.

I had planned to get my haircut shortly after the activity, and when Gavin planted himself on the trampoline, never to leave, I asked Jen if she’d let Gavin stay and play with Levi for another few hours. I had planned to drop him off with Christopher, but there was no time. She graciously let me impose and I was able to have a relaxing hair appointment.

I got the least amount of hair taken off ever. I can’t remember the last time I got “just a trim”, but after Gavin’s spring buzz and Megan’s unfortunate chin-length stack, I’ve decided to stop trying to get my money’s worth out of hair cuts.

Around 4 p.m. we had some friends over from Bain. They just moved to Atlanta from New York, where Ben graduated from Columbia, and he starts at Bain in about a month. They are Evangelicals from the Midwest with two little boys and we hit it off. They are an adorable family and we can’t wait to hang out with them again.

Church was good. I spent most of my time in the hall with Ben, or in the nursery with Ben, but it felt good to be there and know that soon enough, I’ll be able to listen in Sunday school again. I can’t help but love the child’s death-grip on my neck. He’s too adorable.


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