Party animals

My parents and Ethan came this weekend for Caroline Lunt’s wedding reception in Cumming, GA. The Lunts are Air Force friends of my parents who settled in Maryland, and they have kept track of us all these years. Caroline married a Georgia boy, who she met at BYU.

Friday night my parents drove in. Megan was at Six Flags with Jasmine, who I have started watching 5 hours a week in exchange for piano and voice lessons from her mom, who teaches at a private school. We both think we’re getting the better end of the deal. My parents and Ethan arrived just as Christopher and I were starting The Truman Show, so we all watched together followed by a few episodes of Arrested Development, which my parents “don’t get.”

Saturday was a Relief Society Super Saturday, with classes like “Things to Do in Atlanta” and “Computer Skills”. I chose breadmaking and sewing, where I conveniently sewed a bread cloth under the supervision of my mom, who had a full year of home economics in 1972, and at least knows how to operate a sewing machine.

Lunch was delicious. Then we hit the mall. I took her first to Cumberland Mall, and she saw “nothing” so we hit Vinings Jubilee and then Lenox and Phipps. The only thing we bought were two shirts for Gavin and Ben from Janie and Jack. Oh, and my mom bought me a skirt from Talbots. Why are the women’s clothes so ugly these days? Is it just us?

We arrived home just in time to get ready for the reception in Cumming, which was at a gorgeous golf club. Everything was lovely, especially the bride, Caroline. Megan found a few nieces and nephews to play with, when she wasn’t at the dessert table. Ethan spent the entire time outside talking to the Lunt twins, Cristin and Catherine, and my parents enjoyed reminiscing with Cory and Carrie Lunt. The two oldest Lunts, Cameron and Courtney, had already been at the Maryland reception and were back in Utah for work.

Like all family friends with kids close in age, my parents have always wanted to share grandbabies with the Lunts.

Ethan is their last hope, and luckily, he’s got two chances.


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