19 Months

Ben turns 19 months today, and is growing like a weed. I cleaned out a drawer today and found his 15- and 18-month check-up stats.

15 months: 24 pounds, 33 1/4 inches, 18 5/8 head circumference
18 months: 25 pounds 3 oz, 35 inches, 18 1/4 head circ (clearly off a little)

His height, if they measured accurately, is off the charts. He is getting to be a tall, skinny boy.

Ben seems to enjoy our new schedule. He is up at 6:30 or 7 every day, which is perfect for school days (although no fun on the weekends). We all get ready for the day, then drop off Megan and Gavin at school. Then we go grocery shopping, to the chiropractor, or hang out around the house. When the weather cools down, we’ll start going to the playground in the morning. Around 10:30, Ben is ready for a nap, and sleeps until 1 or 2 p.m. At 2:50, we meet the school bus downstairs, and Ben jumps up and down, saying, “My sissy! My Ga!”

In the afternoons we play and swim, and then it’s time for baths, dinner, and bed. We are all exhausted by 7 p.m., and Ben goes down then.

Ben, although he has only been walking 2 months, is now running around at a frenetic pace. He loves to say, “Mar-go!” (on your mark, go) and take off. He falls down a lot.

His language has developed a ton in the past month. He is screaming/squealing/shouting a bit less and talking more, although, to most people, it still sounds like babble.

Here are some of his most-used words:

Papa (my dad)
Bear (the dog)
Sissy and Gavin (but not often, surprisingly)

Water (wa-wa)
Granola Bar (constantly, like “No-bah!”)
Cheese (not to be confused with keys, or kiss)


Pacifier (Pa-pa)

Lyrics to Hanson songs – especially the words Maybe, Go, and Bop

He started attaching the word “My” before a lot of words, like “My Pa” for my pacifier and “My Sissy”.

He also likes books now. I have to stop and read to him every 5 minutes or he pitches a fit. He’ll bring me a book, and I’ll sit down, put him on my lap, and start reading. Thirty seconds later, he’ll wiggle off my lap and run off, only to return with a different book 90 seconds later. I don’t know why I teach my kids to like books so young, as it’s quite inconvenient. I really should have taught them all to sit on the floor and play with blocks and dolls and Matchbox cars, but too late now.

Other Ben facts:

He’s a wild man. He jumps in the pool, and is now trying to jump off furniture. The good/bad thing about it is, we watch him like a hawk and always catch him when he jumps, head first, into a hard floor. One day we’re going to miss. So many times we have caught him by the ankle, his head inches from the floor.

He’s going through major separation anxiety, although he seems to be attached to his mom and dad equally.

He’s still a good eater, although he refuses to be fed. He will not eat anything we try to feed him, including yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, soup, etc. Most meals end with a bath or change of clothes, or at least me sticking his head (including hair) under the kitchen faucet. I have to wipe the floors and walls near his high chair daily.

He is the loudest toddler I have ever encountered. Since Megan.

His biggest grins are reserved for when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to.

Like standing on furniture.

Update: So, so tired. Ben went to bed gladly tonight at 6:30 p.m. He has another bonk on his head and a fat lip. My poor, uncoordinated children. They get that from me. We had a nice time with him in the bed. Christopher and Gavin played Battleship while Megan did make-up homework and I flipped through the latest Costco Magazine.


One thought on “19 Months

  1. What a sweet little guy. He will love reading those things about himself when he's older. Did you read the story about Toms shoes in the Costco mag? My sister just gave me some for my birthday!

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