My Kind of Day

Today was a good day. Nothing special happened, but there was enough of what my days sometimes lack that made it great. That thing would be adult conversation.

The day started early, with Ben jumping in his crib at 5:30. I gave him a drink of milk and told him to go back to bed! We arose for the day an hour later. The morning was uneventful. We got the big kids off to school, and Benny and I shopped at Target and Wal-mart for our emergency kits. We got home, ate, and he went down for a long nap. I should’ve slept with him, but instead I spent the next four hours planning on Disney trip, which is in four weeks. I’ve never been to Disney World, or even Florida, so I’m super excited, and can’t believe how fast the time is approaching.

The kids bounded in the door at 3 on the dot, and Gavin immediately went upstairs to play Wii with a neighbor boy. His mom sent him back home at 4, and Megan left at 4:30 to go sing in a choir with Jasmine. I’m so glad I met Kathy. Having Jasmine play at our house for five or six hours a week is no trouble, and Megan is being exposed to music.

Gavin and Ben and I walked over to the library, then headed up to the McGoverns place until dinner time. Sue and Jim are closing on their house tomorrow, so I will be sad to see them go, but at least they will only be a few miles away.

Dinner was baked potatoes and salad, and Christopher had a HAM radio class but the kids went to bed good.

The highlight of the day was a phone call from this friend. Twenty minutes and my sides were hurting. Well, not literally, because I’m not a laugh out loud kind of person, but my heart was happy. My mom says she should be the next Erma Bombeck.


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