Today’s housework and general mothering duties were interrupted while I finished Mockingjay. Luckily, everyone is still in one piece and the house is starting to look a little better.

Megan came home with her first bad grade ever, on a math quiz. Unfortunately, the teacher didn’t send the quiz home, so we couldn’t figure out what happened, but from what Megan said, it had to do with geometry. Since I haven’t seen any geometry on any math homework, I was confused as well. I signed the orange paper from the teacher, adding a note to send the actual quiz home so we could review it. She still remains strong in reading and language arts. Tonight, at about 8:30, we heard a shriek of laughter coming from her room, as she was rereading Harry Potter #5. I am very proud of her love of books.

Gavin is doing great. School agrees with him. He seems older and more mature. His tantrums have decreased significantly, or maybe my patience has, since I’m spending 7 hours a day less with him. Banning TV and computer games during the week has helped, too. Tonight, as I was reading to him (“The hawk is fierce and bold”) he asked, “What does fierce mean?” I told him. Then he said, “I know what bold means. It means you have no hair.”

Benjamin fell flat on his forehead twice today. The second time he just lay there and whined, thoroughly defeated. I have to remind myself that he only learned how to walk 2 1/2 months ago, but really? He is still sweet and squishy and talking up a storm. I can now understand things like, “Where’s Dada?” “I’m thirsty” and my favorite, “I’m cold,” where he shakes his body and says, “I c-c-c-old. Brrrr.” He is also starting to like books and TV, which, as you know, are my sanity savers (since my kids don’t, you know, leave me alone to go play).


3 thoughts on “Mockingjay

  1. "It means you have no hair." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You've gotten me on this before, but I will not let it happen again —- no more red wine when I read your blog. I spit it out from laughing so hard about the bold comment. Never a good thing to spit out red wine.

  2. I love your blog. I laughed out loud in geology reading it. Although I personally enjoyed the benny comment about whining and laying there. Bahaha. Ps. I would still like it if you would mail me gavo. I want to borrow him!

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