Benny in Black and White

We’ve settled into our new routine, waking up early, getting Megan and Gavin off to school. Ben and I spend our mornings cleaning, running errands, and hanging out with friends. Today we went to a playgroup at the park. Ben loved running around and got extra dirty. When he went down for his nap an hour late, I was hoping he would still take a 3-hour nap, but he woke up at the same time and was cranky for the rest of the day.

Megan and Gavin both seem to be enjoying school. Megan says her teacher is “awesome but stern,” and that third grade is significantly harder than second. Gavin has made a lot friends and is, for the most part, minding his teacher, which is all I hoped for his kindergarten year.


4 thoughts on “Benny in Black and White

  1. Haha, an alien child? Really mom? I think he just looks older. But so cute. And what is he.doing in the second picture. What have I told you about having your children sleep on the kitchen table? Beds are much better.

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