September in Review

September 30 – Flu shots and IKEA with the kids; Harry Potter themed baby shower for my English friend Carla

September 28 – Stopped by Cate Shannon’s Stella & Dot party in the morning. Only one other women showed up, and the three of us chatted for a few hours. Short nap for Ben = long afternoon. Played with McGoverns. Piano lesson for Megan.

September 27 – Costco run. Naps. Homework and piano practice. Christopher home for dinner. Family night; kids wrote their primary program parts. Megan’s theme is “Jesus lives!” and Gavin’s is “Jesus can heal the sick.”

September 26 – Church. Naps. Dinner with Brasingtons and missionaries.

September 25 – Rest. Chores in the morning. Birthday party for Megan, moms stayed to chat. Relief Society Broadcast.

September 24 – Gavin’s friend Levi’s birthday in Dunwoody. Date night with Christopher–movie night with church friends.

September 23 – Waffle brunch with ladies from church at our house.

September 22 – Park playdate in Chamblee with girls from church. Gavin had his best friend Brent over to play. Modern Family premiere.

September 19 – Drive back to Atlanta and Sunday afternoon.

September 18 – Florida State/BYU trip!

September 17 – Parents and Ethan were in Atlanta by dinner time. We put the kids to bed and watched a movie.

September 16 – Family dinner night at our elementary school. We ate barbecue sandwiches and played soccer in the field. Ben ran for an hour and a half straight.

September 14 -My kind of day.

September 13 – Back to school for the kids; chiropractor, Publix, and naps for Benny and me. Christopher got pulled off his awful case and, after two weeks of insane hours, was home for dinner!

September 12 – Church was wonderful; I conducted the hymns and also played the flute for the special musical number. Ben stayed in nursery the entire time without us!! After church, during Ben’s nap, I sat by the pool in the gorgeous breeze and chatted with a neighbor for two hours while the kids played. Home teachers brought brownies and a copy of Mockingjay (from my friend Jen). Chris made dinner.

September 11 – Megan says, “It feels so good to sleep in!” at 7:30, 30 minutes later than she normally wakes up. Emergency Preparedness Fair, followed by naps.

September 10 – Watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid after school. Greg Heffley is the new Kevin Arnold.

September 9 – Skipped the “parent/teacher cocktail party” to go to a girls night, and was glad I did.

September 8 – A heavy rain shower came through as soon as we got to the pool. The kids had a blast playing in it, and I stayed dry under the umbrella.

September 7 – When we went to pick Megan up from her piano lesson, Gavin said, “I wish I was out on that golf course playing some golf.”

September 6 – Relaxed at home with family. Pool was too cold to swim. Watched Boise State beat Virginia Tech, and two episodes of 24.

September 5 – Stayed home from church with sick Megan.

September 4 – Gorgeous weather, fun outside. Megan says, “I’m going to say something funny, but I don’t want you to put it on Facebook, or your blog, or videotape it and put it on YouTube.” So I won’t.

September 2 – Both kids back in school. Ben and I ran errands and took a good nap. Swimming in the afternoon, early dinner and bedtime. Christopher flew to Chicago early this morning and will be back late this evening. Ah, the marvels of modern transportation.

September 1 – Gavin refused to go to school and got upset and croupy when I insisted, so I let him stay home. BUT, I unplugged the TV and computer and made him stay in bed just about the whole day. We did go swimming in the afternoon, and I put both boys to bed at 6 p.m. because I was d-o-n-e. Now supervising Megan’s mound of make-up work.


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