General Conference

I should have known when Christopher told me to go back to bed this morning that he would want something in return. Sure enough, when I got up a few hours later, he said, “Hey, some guys from church are playing football. Can I go?”

Well played, sir. Of course I let him go, and the kids and I cleaned the house while he was gone. I find I don’t mind house cleaning when I have help and company. I just hate doing it alone.

He picked Gavin up a few hours later for hair cuts, then we put Ben to bed and watched the Saturday morning of General Conference, which starts at noon on the East coast. It was so peaceful, as Ben was asleep and Gavin crashed, too. Megan sat at the desk behind us and made tally marks when the speakers said things like Jesus, prayer, or family. I particularly enjoyed Elder Holland’s (who I heard someone call “the Lord’s bulldog”) and Elder Uchtdorf’s talks.

It wasn’t long after the session ended that Ben was up and running around, and the kids were ready to play. At four o’clock the second session of conference started, and there was no way the kids were going to watch. Luckily, after we ignored them long enough, they ran into the boys room to play. Every ten minutes or so, they would come out and show us something, a Lego creation, a dance. Once they came out, laughing hysterically, because they had “taught Benny yoga.” They all laid their blankets on the floor and sat cross-legged. Ben held his hands out and started chanting, “Ommmm. Ommmm.” It was pretty funny.

We had some Thai chicken for dinner, put that Benny to bed, and Christopher left for the Priesthood session of conference at the church.

I can’t wait for another day of conference tomorrow. How awesome is it that we can watch at home now? Growing up, we watched one, maybe two sessions of conference every six months (there are four) because my dad was usually at drill (National Guard, first weekend of every month) and my mom didn’t want to dress us up and take us to church (and who can blame her?). Now, Christopher and I can sit on our couch and watch (in HD!) while the kids play (or even better, sleep!) I love it.

If there was a theme to the talks today, I think it would be “slow down.” Last conference, six months ago, there was a definite “teach your children gospel principles while they are young.” Today the counsel seemed to be: slow down. Appreciate the present. Show gratitude towards those around you. Focus on the most important things in life, and avoid being distracted by good but unessential things. There were a lot of sentiments about agency (our God-given gift to choose) and how it relates to our time. I liked what Elder Christofferson said: Everyone has two things: the freedom to choose, and time.

Let’s all choose what we do with our time wisely, and appreciate the moments we’ve got.

ps Sent my camera to Canon for repairs. They charged me $200, sent it back saying they could find nothing wrong. Still broken. I demanded a refund, which they are giving (in 4-6 weeks), but in the meantime, I miss my camera! I bought a point-and-shoot for the Disney trip, but I’m feeling uninspired to take around-the-house pictures of the kids. Christopher is “not ready to invest” in another DSLR. I might have to wait until Christmas. (hint, hint)

pps If you want to help me diagnose my camera, I’d love advice. The lens and CF card seem to be working fine.


4 thoughts on “General Conference

  1. Bill does that trick, too. Must be a boy thing. I'm having issues with my camera, too. Like Christopher, Bill isn't too keen on getting me another one. (Even though I use mine every single day and have for three years, and I never ask for anything for myself, etc.)

  2. Sorry about the camera. What a bummer!I guess we better get better cable because we only got Conference on the internet. Still, sitting on the couch is great, except I have to stand up most of the time to avoid falling asleep. I want a video of yoga-ing Benny.

  3. Thank you for your post! General Conference is such a gift. I am also grateful for technology and the opportunity it gives us to participate and watch at our own speed and timeline that works for our families and life situations. On weekends, I was usually work, am in rehearsal or perform and I couldn't watch conference for many years. . .now I can stay current or catch up by watching a few talks every night before bed. . . my spiritual conscience feels much better :)PS Bummer about your camera. I would write Canon a formal complaint letter.Margaret

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