Ben’s Body

Benjamin can now identify the following body parts: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, lips, teeth, tongue, hair, tummy, back, arms, hands, fingers, legs, knees, feet, bottom, and, of course, penis.

Megan is coughing again, and we have her scheduled with the asthma specialist in the morning. Hopefully she’ll clear up by this weekend so we don’t have to listen to her on our seven-hour drive. Which we are very, very excited about.

Gavin is excelling at school, he seems to be a leader in his classroom and has lots of friends, including a best friend named Brent. He is still sleeping most nights on our couch, unless we move him.

The routine is going well. We wake up at 6:50, get ready for school, and every other week I drive in the mornings. It takes me 15 minutes to drop both kids off at two “campuses” and I pass at least five Atlanta police officers directing traffic at the schools, public and private. I know them well now. After Gavin and our neighbor get dropped off at the primary center, I take my special shortcut home. It is only slightly faster than fighting the mainstream traffic, but it’s a gorgeous drive past old Buckhead estates.

Ben and I hang out in the morning, either at home, Target, or someone else’s house. I have been spending so much money walking the end caps at Target lately I probably should re-join the YMCA so I have somewhere to go in the morning where I can’t spend money. I’m not big into exercise, but I think it would be a wise money decision.


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