Disney or Bust

Megan’s doctor’s appointment went great. I knew she was on the road to recovery but I kept the appointment, hoping the doctor would load me up with prescription medications to have on hand at Disney, just in case. He willingly obliged, and you should see the bag I’ve packed, which contains a nebulizer, twenty vials of Albuterol, Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Delysm, Vicks Vaporub, saline nasal spray, Megan’s Advair, and six days’ worth of oral prednisone. Hopefully we won’t need any of it (except for Megan’s Advair–she’s on it for the winter), but I’ll be glad to have it if I do.

Everything else seems to be in order: the clothes, the sunscreen, the cameras, the snacks. The touring plan, the coupons. The pacifiers, blankets, and white noise machines. The swimsuits, goggles, and floats. The double stroller. More snacks.

Let’s hope our first Disney World adventure is everything we are wishing for.


6 thoughts on “Disney or Bust

  1. There's one more confirmation that we are meant to be best friends. My family teases me terribly about using while noise machines. Hope your vacation is AWESOME! Can't wait to hear about it. Glad your dr. helped you out.

  2. So, Advair is for seasonal allergies? Allegra does not work for Porter….wondering if Advair would. And we need something for the winter too…he can't sleep at night! Have a fun trip!

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