.Disney World – Thursday

By Thursday we decided we couldn’t handle Ben in the park. He was not interested and nothing but trouble. So Thursday morning Christopher and the big kids met Jessica at Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours and I kept Ben at the hotel.

We all had a wonderful time. Ben and I played on the white sand “beach” and splashed in the baby pool. Later we showered and took a long walk on the Boardwalk. Our hotel complex was huge and empty, especially in the morning, so Ben had his run of the place, and loved it. We took a long nap.

Christopher and the big kids first hit the arcade shooting gallery, where all the guns were preloaded for free. They shot them all, then rode Splash Mountain, Dumbo, Goofy’s Barnstormer (three times in a row). They saw Mickey and Minnie’s house, rode Buzz Lightyear twice, and did the Laugh Floor again.

They took the monorail to Hollywood Studios and rode the Great Movie Ride. They also saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, part of a Jedi training, and the Lights, Motors, Action! extreme stunt show.

I arrived with Ben and Christopher took him back to the hotel for dinner and bedtime. Megan and Gavin and I headed to Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage and then got our seats for Fantasmic!, one of Disney’s biggest nighttime shows. The seats filled up over an hour before the show started, and we got great ones. We spent our hour eating popcorn and candied almonds I bought and pistachios from the nice Brazilian mom in front of us. I loved that at least 2/3 of the people I met at Disney were not Americans.

Fantasmic! was loud, bright, and magical, and we slept well once again.


2 thoughts on “.Disney World – Thursday

  1. I had no idea there was so much to do at DisneyWorld, I've only been to the one in California and I thought it was soooo boring. Your trip looks awesome!! I bet the kids will love looking at the pictures for years to come.

  2. Your posts made me say to Bill tonight at supper (all in one breath…), "Honey, I was reading Lauren's blog and she's got all of these fun pictures and amazing stories about how awesome Disney World is, and it has really got me to thinking that we need to go back this summer."And if he could have, he would have told me I could never read your blog again.I am LOVING these posts, because I LOVE Disney. And I NEVER thought I would be saying that…

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