21 Months

Our baby is now 21 months old. And he, like our other kids, is a piece of work.

He spends his days causing as much trouble as possible, both because he’s curious and he likes the attention. Luckily, he is learning and I expect him to calm down like the other two kids. Megan was an especially busy toddler and Gavin was an especially defiant toddler, and I think they’ve turned into awesome kids. So I’m not worried about Bennis the Menace, as we call him. I’m just exhausted by him.

About five minutes after this picture was taken, he fell on his face at Piedmont Park.

Fortunately, it didn’t scab over until the following day. He seemed to fall mostly on his nose.

He’s definitely got a mind of his own.

In addition to being a rascal, Benjamin is quite the charmer. No matter the disaster he leaves in his wake, a “Love you, Mama”, “Thank you, Mama”, or big kiss will get him back in our good graces. And he knows exactly how to play it!


5 thoughts on “21 Months

  1. I just hate to see them banged up like that. Bless his precious little heart.Clearly I don't know the whole story since my oldest is not even 4, BUT so far, my kids have been the most exhausting for me between the ages of 18 and 22 months. Oh, and the name Bennis the Menace made me laugh out loud.

  2. I LOVE the last pic, he's absolutely adorable in it! Dalton would kiss you right after he punched you and he's turned out great (albeit a bit antagonistic).

  3. wow! that last picture is the first time I have ever seen Ben look like us! That is SUCH an Anderson picture!! I would never have guessed he could look like that! When I came to this picture I about dropped my teeth. wow!

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