Last Day of Disney

Friday morning was my turn to tour Magic Kingdom with Megan and Gavin. We met Jessica for the final time, and talked her into going on Buzz Lightyear with us once again. Then, on our way to Fantasyland, Gavin wanted to do Motorland Speedway again. So we did. Then we found Castle Couture and got “pixie dust” for Megan and “pirate dust” for Gavin (out of the same bottle). We rode Peter Pan’s Flight, which I enjoyed, and headed to Toontown, where Gavin wanted to ride the Barnstormer, and Megan wanted to meet the princesses. We rode the Barnstormer in no time, but the line to meet the princesses was 30+ minutes. I hated waiting to see the characters when there were perfectly good rides with no lines, but Megan was adamant.

“Mom,” she declared. “The next time we come here I’ll be too old to meet the princesses.” Can’t argue with that logic.

So we compromised. I left Megan in line (I know, call CPS) and Gavin and I went and rode Barnstormer again. When we caught up to her, she was 10 minutes from the front, chatting it up with the people around her. People who were probably wondering where the heck her parents were, but if you are going to leave your almost eight-year-old somewhere, I’d say a line at Disney is a pretty safe place.

Of course, it was completely worth it. Megan was enthralled, and you know what? Gavin enjoyed it, too. In fact, I think the princesses paid Gavin a little more attention than Megan, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Next, we headed over to get Fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. On the way, Gavin bumped his leg and had a meltdown. So we got our Fastpasses and went to eat lunch. We ate at Pecos Bill and then got some jellybeans at the candy store, which improved Gavin’s mood considerably.

We rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which the kids loved, and then caught the Country Bear Jamboree on the way to Pirates of the Caribbean. Still on the way to Pirates, the kids walked through the Swiss Family Treehouse, which Megan declared the most boring thing in Disney World. They loved Pirates, though.

Gavin pitched another fit when he couldn’t have a pirate sword. We had told the kids they could each pick one souvenir, and he had selected a Lightning McQueen baseball cap the night before. Megan picked out a necklace in the pirates gift shop.

Next, we saw the Hall of Presidents, which I enjoyed and the kids seemed to like, as well. We also caught the Laugh Floor, which Christopher recommended, on the way to the monorail.

We took the monorail to Epcot and first rode Spaceship Earth, which I wanted to ride again. Christopher called and said he was on his way, so we met outside and he took the kids on Spaceship Earth again, and I left with Ben.

Ben and I ate a quick meal at our hotel, mainly because he was throwing his food on the floor, and we ran around for a bit before a bath and bedtime at our hotel.

Megan, Gavin, and Christopher spent their last night in Epcot. They rode Test Track again, Maelstrom in Norway, had dinner in China, rode Mission: Space, and bought souvenirs–a Christmas tree ornament for me and an Airzooka for Christopher.

The next morning we packed up, hit the road, got donuts and bananas from Publix and drove for seven hours. Most of those seven hours were Ben yelling at us. If we had had a soundproof box to put him in, we surely would have. At least Megan and Gavin had headphones.

We made some good memories on our Disney trip, and I would definitely do it again, albeit with an older Benny. But I’m glad we did it before Megan got too old to get sprinkled with pixie dust and hug the princesses. Megan and Gavin had the absolute best time two kids can have. Christopher and I had fun, as well, although we wished we could have spent more time together. And Ben, well, his week was just about like any other week. Run, sleep, and run some more.


7 thoughts on “Last Day of Disney

  1. to Taylor above….definately BEFORE the baby. There will be some things you can't ride but you'll have a LOT more time to do other things. Been to DL w/ baby before and it's a lot harder than you think it will be. Lauren….. loved the Princess pictures. Those dresses are stunning. Glad the two kids made such wonderful memories. Glad you and Pard figured out how to divide and conquer with Bennie. Next time you guys go I am SO there – seminary or not! I would LOVE to share some of those memories with you guys. Family First!!

  2. next time take a sitter….Carl and I think family cars should come with privacy glass- like a limo. seriously why can't they hurry and invent that?and why doesn't someone start making a crack filler? Something that you can unroll and it will fit into the crack on the church pew where the back meets the seat? it would save us so many times so we wouldn't have to turn around and whisper to the poor schmuck behind us, "excuse me, my kid just dropped his crayon/paper/toy. can you grab it?"

  3. If she's old enough to stand in line at Disney, she's surely old enough to fly across the country to visit us… right? Southwest is March has one-way tickets for $109 to South Carolina. We'll probably be visiting.

  4. Cute, cute family. I have to know how you remembered all those details. And I am not sure how much you'd have to pay me to dress up like a Disney Princess and stand there all day. Maybe it'd be fun for a little while?

  5. LOVE how meg's hands are in her pockets JUST LIKE HER MOMMA DOES/DID. its crazy the way she is standing there very casual and kicked-bag with belle. shootin' the breeze. "yeah, my brother likes you right now, but at home he doesn't want to watch your movie.""yep… well, how 'bout them packers?"

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