Ward Halloween Party

The ward Halloween party was fun. We got to dress up one last time as the Incredibles; there was tons of food which included hot dogs, cupcakes, popcorn, and cotton candy; and there were games, a parade, and a huge trunk-or-treat.

Our best Buckhead friends, the McGoverns, came to the party. I would say that Sue and I are friends; Christopher and Jim have spent about five minutes together because they both work a ton. But our kids get along great. When we go out, I think people assume Julia and Sabrina belong to me and my kids belong to Sue (she’s blonde).

Christopher and I drove two cars so he could leave early with Ben. And the World Series was on. Whatever the reason, it was nice to have some time at the party without keeping track of Ben. That boy never stops. And by the way, we watched most of the World Series and Christopher had so much fun when the Giants won.

Gavin trunk-or-treated at about four cars and then declared he had a stomachache and needed to lie down. Too much cotton candy and cupcakes. No matter, because Megan’s bag was bulging. She had more than enough candy for all of us.

We didn’t do a traditional trick-or-treat this year because Halloween fell on Sunday, but I think between the Bain party and the ward party our kids had a great Halloween.


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