Thoughts of the Day

1. A mom from Gavin’s class hosted a “parent coffee” this morning at her 12,000 square foot home. The ten or so ladies in attendance were all intelligent, gracious, beautiful moms, some with careers, some who stayed home. I took Ben, the only toddler in attendance because the other moms have nannies and such, but he was pretty well behaved. There were two massive dining rooms off the amazing kitchen and one of the rooms was being used as a playroom, so Ben hung out there when he wasn’t walking around the kitchen, pushing buttons on who-knows-what (is that a dishwasher? trash compactor?), spilling blueberry muffin crumbs on the floor. Being in such an incredible house was another reminder of the wealth we are surrounded by, and how we are not really comfortable with it. I love that my kids can attend elementary school with the ninth richest group of kids in America, because the kids are lovely, respectful, and smart (as are the parents). But answering questions like, “Why does he get $20 a tooth from the tooth fairy?” or “Why don’t I have a flat screen TV in my bedroom?” is starting to make me uneasy. Not to mention I’d like to put my kid in a season of t-ball or dance for less than $300. That is why we are starting to think about our exit from the 30327.

2. We have figured out how people get uber-rich. Basically, they work 100 hours a week at stressful jobs. Christopher has been working for the past week from as early as 6 a.m. to as late as 1 a.m. with no end in sight. And that’s what people do who want the big bucks. And lately we’ve had a lot of talks about money vs. quality of life. How do we want to live? No answers yet, just lots of discussion.

3. The weather turned warm again this week and we had fun playing outside on the Morris Brandon playground. I really wanted to go see Hanson today, but I didn’t plan it well enough. One, I didn’t really have anyone to go with, and two, I never lined up a babysitter, hoping Christopher would be around. Of course, he had to fly to New York tonight. I thought I might take the kids down to the venue for The Walk, but then I got serious. I had this little fantasy in my mind that Hanson would be excited to see kids taking The Walk, and we’d start chatting, and they would be like, “Wow, we have kids the exact same age! You should totally come hang out with us and our wives and kids even though all our wives are from Georgia and are probably hanging out with their families and old friends right now. And then, while we are hanging out and our kids are playing so nicely, maybe you can play some of your songs. Wow, those are really good. You should probably cut an album and we’ll release it on our label even though we never have and have no intention of adding other artists to our label.”

I like to have little daydreams like that. It keeps life interesting in an unhealthy sort of way. But I am a woman of few vices.

What really would have happened is I would have driven to Little Five Points at 5 p.m. in rush hour traffic. By the time I made it to the venue, at least two of my children would have been whining and/or crying. The Walk would have started at least 45 minutes late, in the dusk or maybe pitch black, and my children would have complained the whole way about being tired, hungry, or cold. Hanson would have completely avoided us, because the last thing they need to deal with is another crying kid. They have 8 of them on tour with them.

So instead, we played outside, ate pasta, and took a bath. And reveled in the life that is ours and now.

4. I order a lot of stuff online. Diapers, clothes, books, household items, you name it. It’s usually cheaper and so convenient, but I hate that it usually takes extra packaging. I recycle most of the cardboard. Or the kids make airplanes out of it.

5. Megan had a little meltdown yesterday after sitting for 30 minutes distracting herself from her homework. Something about how she’s in the bottom group in her class at math and her handwriting is bad. I told her a story about how I got my first and only C in 3rd grade. It happens. She wasn’t interested in my experience, but I let her watch TV and relax for a while. I’m good like that. After she had calmed down, she completed all her homework in 15 minutes. Mother of the Year award is in the mail. I don’t want her burning out in 3rd grade, that’s for sure.

6. I think Gavin looks so grown up in his kindergarten class photo. I don’t think I’ll buy them, maybe just a class photo. The tie-dye shirt is his school t-shirt.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts of the Day

  1. I get your feelings about money vs. quality of life. Seattle/the "eastside" is interesting because it also has so much money. We don't live in a "Buckhead" neighborhood but we do live in a nice area. With Sean still doing his fellowship, we're by no means "in the money" which sometimes is hard when we are surrounded by alot of people who have alot. But there are other things that I have that others don't have–a super marriage, great family and a husband that actually wants to be around me and the kids. Money definately isn't everything. It's nice, but it's not everything.

  2. Yeah my dad lives in Alpharetta and he is gone 4 days of the week for work and he works the other 3 days for 10 hours (if he's lucky). It sure is a fun place to visit though!

  3. I think the kids both look old in their school pictures, but quite cute as well.I gave presentation in Bryant's (3rd grade) class last week for Veteran's Day and was talking about Pearl Harbor. I asked the kids if any of them had been to Hawaii, thinking I'd get a couple. The hands shot up!!! Well over 3/4s of the class had been there. seriously? I haven't been to Hawaii (needless to say, Bryant was one of the loner hands not raised.) A few of the kids even talked about visiting the Pearl Harbor museum. *sigh* maybe one day I can go.I hear you about the balance of living in a wealthy zip code. Great school and great people, but there's a price to pay for it.Good luck with that.

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