Good karma

Big kids went to school and Ben and I went grocery shopping. I so enjoy our relaxed mornings together, and he’s getting a lot better at going with the flow. We eat breakfast, watch a little TV, get dressed at a leisurely pace, especially on the mornings when I don’t drive carpool.

During Ben’s nap I made this:

I found the font on, and if you are a typography person, don’t go there, because it will be like a drug and you will spend hours and hours looking. At fonts.

After school I nagged Megan to practice piano and she moaned and dawdled and talked about how she’s got so much on her mind. I didn’t expect this much resistance towards piano practice, at least not so early on, but what are you going to do? She plays by ear, significantly more than I did, so she’s not taking the effort to learn the notes. Also, she’d much rather be taking sewing or cooking or art or dance lessons. We’ll see how it go.

When Kathy picked up Jasmine and Megan for her piano lesson, I took the boys up to Costco to pick up the invitations I had made. I had a coupon so I got all the prints free, which was nice. We walked around, tasting samples and buying a birthday present for a party Gavin has on Saturday. We left to pick up Megan. When I got to Kathy and Jasmine’s condo complex, I went to get my driver’s license and it wasn’t there. My diaper bag was not in the car. I had left it in the buggy at Costco.

Luckily, Christopher was coming home, so after the kids went to bed I went back up and got it. Someone was kind enough to take it back in the store. Restores your faith in humanity, doesn’t it?

Megan’s school picture. She looks kind of old, too, don’t you think?


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