Sensations Therafun

On Saturday we had the opportunity to recruit a Duke MBA student and his family. They are LDS and have two kids so Christopher was charged with the task. They spent most of the day house hunting and had a late flight back to Durham, but we were able to meet them late afternoon. I wanted to go to a place where the kids would be both contained and entertained so the adults could talk. We went to Sensations Therafun, an indoor play area with things to climb, trikes to ride, a zip line, balls, an art room, and a toddler toy room. It is designed for parents and therapists to bring children with learning or sensory disorders, but is also open to the public. Gavin had a birthday party which he refused to miss, so we dropped him off at Brent’s house and he rode to the party with the Shannons, and the rest of us met the Hansen family — Derek, Amy, Jack (4) and Henry (10 months).

Ben and Megan had a blast, and I think Gavin would have loved playing with Jack. We did our job to woo Derek to Christopher’s company, and I think we were truthful. We do believe it is the most family friendly of the large consulting firms; and our experience has been mostly good. Lately, Christopher has been working excessively, and that has been hard, much more on him than me. In addition to recruiting them to the firm, we tried to recruit them to our ward, since they are cool and fun. Of course, because we’re Mormon, there were all sorts of fun connections, mainly that Amy lived in the dorm with me, on the opposite side of David John Hall. She dated my FHE son (LDS singles are put in “families” and have group activities once a week; I was always the “mom”) and her RA was my good friend Margaret, who is in our ward now.

Best quotes of the day

Me: “Guess whose birthday is today?”
Megan: “Um, Grammy?”
Me: “Hey, good guess.”
Megan: “I didn’t even know it! I am a good guesser. Wow, Grammy is 51 years old.”
Me: “She wishes.”
Megan: “What?”
Me: “She’s 53 today.”
Megan: “Wow. 53 years old. Grammy is growing up right before our eyes.”

Christopher at the dinner table: “It’s been a hard day.”
Gavin: “I have empathy, Dad.”
Christopher: “What does empathy mean?”
Gavin: “It means I know how you feel, because I’ve had a hard day before, too.”
Christopher: “Thanks, Gav.”


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