Siberia with Mint Juleps

Wednesday night Christopher made it home at 9:30, which compared to the rest of the week, was early. We ended up watching an old movie, “One, Two, Three” about a Coca-Cola executive in West Berlin. It was hilarious. The themes–capitalism vs. communism, big corporations, and Atlanta–were so relevant to us. At one point, the executive’s wife asks her husband to take a job in the home office. He says, “Atlanta? You can’t be serious! That’s Siberia with mint juleps!” Christopher’s new favorite line.

Thursday was another laid back day. Jasmine was over in the afternoon, and the kids had fun playing. We visited the library across the street and ate dinner with the TV on. I have been doing pretty well with the no TV/computer except for Friday and Saturday, but this was a rough week, with Christopher’s work schedule and the boot fiasco.

The reason I wrote about the boot fiasco was not to bum you out, but to let you know that I am human. Sometimes I think we tend to write about only our best moments, and when we write about the bad, we help others feel okay about themselves. People make mistakes: getting booted, yelling at my kids, buying a house in 2007. I figure, I’m young. As long as I don’t make any serious mistakes, like turning my back on Ben for too long or screwing up my marriage, everyone will be okay. Christopher didn’t even say anything about the boot. I wonder if he will say something about this: the day we went to the library, I got a call when I got home from the librarian. She had found a blank check in one of the books I returned. She kindly shredded it, but seriously? What is wrong with me? I am losing my mind.

But there’s only so much a mind can take, I’m afraid. We have a lot on our minds right now. Benjamin and his constant motion and noise takes up our energy during his waking hours. The rest of the time, there are Megan and Gavin and their school responsibilities, church responsibilities, those two blasted houses that we own that continue to fall in value and eat our money in upkeep and repairs, and Christopher’s job.

Christopher’s job this week was the toughest we have seen in the 13 months he’s been there. Thursday night (Friday morning) he worked until 3 a.m. Three a.m. Even when Christopher was working as an engineer full-time and studying to be a rocket scientist at night, he wasn’t up at 3 a.m. We are not sure what to do about the rigor of this case (if there are any options), but we know it’s not sustainable.

Friday we vegged. The kids watched Stuart Little and Christopher got home at the early hour of 7 p.m. and we watched TV and listened to music.

Today was a good day. Christopher went and played football with the guys (heaven knows he needed it) and I dropped Megan off at the church for a primary activity. I took Gavin and Ben with me to the baby shower I was co-hosting with Sally Budge at her house. Christopher picked Megan and the boys up shortly after the shower started. The baby shower went well, I thought. There were 12 women there in addition to Sally, me, and Anne, the mom-to-be. I thought it was a good turnout since Anne didn’t know many of the women, but I threw her the shower and invited a bunch of my friends from church, hoping to get her more involved in the ward. I think the plan was a success. We had a great time and the food was awesome (if I do say so myself).

The rest of the afternoon was spend relaxing and watching college football. Staying at home with the family gets better the older the kids get.


One thought on “Siberia with Mint Juleps

  1. Thank you for paragraph 3. I do lots of stupid things so I'm glad you have one once in a while too. The other night we went to William's school music program and I left the door not only unlocked, but wide open the entire 2 1/2 hours we were gone. Seriously, just sell all your houses and move out of your blasted zip code and build your dream home in the empty lot next door to me, would ya?

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