Just What the Doctor Ordered

Sunday all three kids were just sick enough to stay home from church. Which means they were just healthy enough to go crazy (and drive Mom crazy) staying in the house all day.

Today Megan went back to school. She has that asthmatic cough that she takes daily Advair for. When the cough started in earnest last Wednesday I added nebulizer Albuterol and oral prednisolone to the mix. It is under control, but barely.

Gavin has a cold and a wet cough. He stayed home from school but more because he wanted to than he needed to. He was good, though, and I didn’t mind having him home.

Ben has the same thing as Gavin but it hadn’t seemed to slow him down.

After Megan and Jasmine came home today we went back to the school to play on the playground. The elementary school playground is amazing and the weather was perfect. We ended up playing for THREE HOURS, coming home just before dinner time. The kids were filthy and went straight to the tub, while I made a pot of potato soup. While the soup was cooking, I sat and read to the kids, and I noticed that Ben actually sat through the whole story. I was amazed and proud.

An hour later he started running a fever.

Christopher came home while we were eating our later-than-usual dinner and we had a wonderful family night, continuing our lessons about gratitude.

I’m so glad we were able to play outside for so long today. It was interesting to watch my kids’ personalities manifest in what and how they played.

Megan, always the creative one and social butterfly, spent the entire three hours digging in dirt or building a massive nest of pine straw. She always had a small group of followers, usually slightly younger boys. Even as a young toddler, she loved to play in the dirt/sticks/rocks, and with boys.

Gavin was the only kid who spent a significant amount of time on the swings. When he was younger my arms about fell off because he would sit for an hour on a swing. Thankfully, he can now pump himself. He spent a little time as Megan’s follower. He spent a little time tackling Ben (who didn’t seem to mind). He joined a group of boys playing soccer, and had spurts of activity followed by sitting playing in the dirt. When we finally put him in baseball, he’ll be the kid in the outfield, making a clover chain. He seemed to enjoy himself when he was playing soccer, though. The boys were older and had some experience, and one time Gavin stole the ball with an excellent sliding move.

Ben ran, as usual. He played with every ball on the playground, and enjoyed playing catch with me. He climbed on other kids’ bikes. He followed dogs around. He rode on the back of a little girl’s motorized wheelchair. He doesn’t swing, because swinging involves sitting, and Benny doesn’t sit. Until tonight. When he started running a fever. Poor guy.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more good weather, and better health for all three kids.


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