Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was so nice. Sounds boring, but boring was what we needed.

We drove to South Carolina on Wednesday, in lovely weather. Unfortunately, there was an accident that completely shut down I-20 so the detour was a pain. I drove the whole way so Christopher could work. Megan and Gavin were perfect in the car; Ben, not so much.

We made it to Columbia and I snapped a picture. The kids were excited to see their Poppy.

I was already starting to feel tired and achy, having caught whatever cold the kids had been passing around. Ben was on amoxicillin and I happened to have a bottle of augmentin that I never gave Megan. She and Gavin were both on the mend so I decided to take the augmentin myself, after I started running a fever.

Thanksgiving day. My mom started cooking as soon as she woke up. Two turkeys, one brined and one “normal”. Dressing, broccoli casserole, sweet potato souffle, brussel sprouts (the highlight, believe it or not), three kinds of pies. My grandma brought mashed potatoes with turnips and rutabagas mashed in them, green beans, cranberry sauce, a homemade chocolate cake.

The women in my life are unbelievable cooks. I think the gene is in me, but it’s going to take some years to develop. I had intended to spend this Thanksgiving at my mom’s side, watching carefully (and helping). Instead, I spent it in bed with a fever and chills.

When I came downstairs, we were just about to eat. Our only guests (I say our, because Christopher and I and kids feel more like family and less like guests, for good or bad) were Grandma and Earl and the missionaries. Thank goodness we had a set of missionaries there because there was SO much food.

Of course, my mom, a nurse, was on call. And of course, she had to go to work just before we sat down to eat. She didn’t seem to mind, though. She was only gone about three hours and as my dad said, “I think she likes having a job where she’s important enough to go in on Thanksgiving. I wish I did.”

Christopher and my grandma finished dinner and we ate. And ate and ate and ate. The only one who didn’t stuff himself was Gavin. He ate an apple while Christopher was making the gravy and was almost full. Gavin ate all his brussel sprouts and nothing else.

And Ben was sound asleep. The child took a four hour nap every day, which was heavenly. And necessary. Because when he was awake, he was a terror. My mom’s house is not childproof, and Ben made sure to exploit it.

We let him run around a bit outside, but his nasty cough precluded too much outdoor time. One day I chased him around the front yard with Megan and Bear, the dog. Hilarity ensued when Benjamin wanted to hold the ball, and Bear wanted to chase it.

That dog stole my ball!

Gavin rarely made it outside because my parents set the Wii up in an upstairs bedroom, and Gavin spent most of his time in there. Usually with Megan. I would have cared more, but with everyone being sick, and it being a vacation, I let them play Wii for 12 hours a day. It definitely helped Christopher and I get the rest we needed. We saw Harry Potter DH1 with Ethan and Mom. We enjoyed a lovely session in the temple. We watched a lot of football, and we sat around a lot. And my parents let us. They were so great to do all the cooking and watch our kids and let us rest. Hopefully we won’t be quite as lazy at Christmas but will have as much fun!


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2010

  1. I may get the rest this Christmas, but certainly not the food. Did I say that out loud? Good thing my mom doesn't read your blog.ok- I'm done now.

  2. i haven`t seen the kitchen since it was redone either, it looks very different, but it looks awesome. we missed you at grandma`s, and look forward to seeing you at christmas.

  3. Not the being sick part, or the crazy toddler (I can say that because I have one just like him) but the rest sounds like a true vacation. Yay for parents who understand that!

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