November Updates

Nov 28 – Uneventful drive home, and early bedtimes for everyone.

Nov 27 – A trip to the temple and more football.

Nov 26 – Some shopping, football, and Harry Potter.

Nov 25 – Thanksgiving!

Nov 24 – Drove to SC. I-20 was completely closed, making the 3 1/2 hour drive a 5 hour one.

Nov 15 – Massive lightning bolt made Christopher and I sit straight up in our bed at 2:30 a.m. Kids didn’t stir. Rain all day made for whiny children in the afternoon. Family home evening lesson on gratitude. Lentil soup for dinner.

Nov 14 – Ben cried on and off in nursery for the entire hour and a half. They told us not to worry (we weren’t) and leave him. I played piano for primary. Ben was happily playing when I picked him up, and dissolved into fresh hysterics when he saw me. He stopped when I picked him up. Stinker.

Nov 10 – Gorgeous day, played at school playground, Christopher flew to New York, pasta for dinner, kids went to bed great, sad I missed Hanson Walk and concert

Nov 9 – Ben and I hit chiropractor and mall, Gavin played Wii with Hansen, Megan meltdown, early dinner and bedtimes, Christopher at work until midnight

Nov 8 – Kids back at school, Ben and I did laundry and napped, leftovers for dinner, Christopher home for Family Night.

Nov 7 – Church, naps, Christopher made dinner and then we played over at the Budge’s house, where they had made a giant bowl of caramel popcorn. Yum.

Nov 6 – Lazy morning while Christopher played football with the guys. Naps. Shopping at Target with Benny. Daddy daughter dance.

Nov 5 – GG and Earl headed home. Naps. Long play date at McGoverns after school.

Nov 4 – Lenox Mall with GG and Earl. Megan at piano and Pero’s pizza for dinner.

Nov 3 – Cleaned the house in anticipation of GG and Earl’s visit. Ran errands and spaghetti for dinner. Grandma offered to make it and it was delicious.

Nov 2 – Mighty Jumps and Election Day. After voting, played for hours at the church’s cute playground.

Nov 1 – Back to school for kids. Chiropractor and baby shower planning with Sally Budge. Family night: “Love at Home


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