I Puked

Ben woke up from his nap early today and yelled for me several times before I went to get him. When I walked in, I looked at the mess on the floor and back at him. He looked at me and said, “I puked.”

Poor kid. Right over the crib railing like a green sailor.

Hoping it was an isolated incident, I gave him an applesauce for a snack. Unfortunately, it was not. The third time he threw up, I managed to catch it in a large cup. Every time, he said, matter-of-factly, “I puked.” No crying, just that “what in the world?” expression toddlers get when they have no clue what’s happening to them. Oh, I’m so thankful for healthy children (as in, not chronically ill).

Megan is almost over her asthma/bronchitis, but Gavin is on day three of a fever. So we’re having all kinds of fun around here. I’m hoping everyone will be healthy for Megan’s baptism on Saturday. That’s about all I can ask for.

Edible words: All food will be eaten at the table. (This was yesterday, when Gavin was feverish but Ben was still healthy)

Today: Ben is sucking on a toothbrush that has since been run through the dishwasher.

Saturday: Ben wielding Gavin’s Harry Potter wand. That, by the way, is Ben’s favorite wall to draw on. I have used many a Magic Eraser, but he keeps sneaking crayons and redecorating for me when I’m not looking.


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