Our doozy of a week

So Megan is being treated for bronchitis/asthma. Ben had a two-day stomach bug. And when Gavin’s fever, which started Sunday, spiked again this afternoon, I took him to the pediatrician.

We got the 4:45 appointment, which I later learned is the last appointment of the day and we’ll be seen whenevever they get to us. They took us from the waiting room quickly, which I took as a good sign, then left us in the exam room for over an hour. I wish they would’ve left us in the waiting room. With the TV.

The kids quickly went stir-crazy. Gavin practically threw a temper tantrum and Ben, who I kept in his stroller the entire time, yelled to “walk”. But we had books and snacks and songs to sing and the time eventually passed. (Megan didn’t look up from her National Geographic for Kids the entire time).

After the seventeenth time Gavin said, “Where’s the doctor?!” and I said, “Be a patient patient” and he said, “It’s not funny anymore,” the doctor checked Gavin out. His ears, nose, and throat were fine and the doctor diagnosed him with a second virus.

I wasn’t buying it. “But he’s been sick all week,” I protested, “And not improving.” We talked for another minute, and when I mentioned strep had been going around his classroom, the doctor said we could test him, “But if it’s negative, just keep doing what you’re doing.”

It was positive. The nurse came in with a scrip for Amoxil. I made her test Ben, too, since his stomach bug was random and mild (four or five times in two days). But he was negative.

It was 6:15 when we left the office. We had arrived at 4:30. We dropped the prescription at CVS and went next door to Chick-Fil-A. We ate in the car and listened to our Chronicles of Narnia audiobook while the presciption was filled. We went home, and all three kids went into the bath (we have been doing all three together lately, since Megan doesn’t mind) and one by one, they were put to bed. Since my father-in-law flies in tonight for Megan’s baptism, they are all sleeping in the same room, which has a bunk bed and a crib. I hope they stay in there all night. But I’m not counting on it.

Side note: I woke up with both boys at 2:45 a.m. last night. Christopher was not home from work yet. This case is getting REAL OLD, for both of us. Even with three sick kids, I think he’s got the worse job right now.

More updates:

Dec 5 – Subbed in nursery with Ben, and he still dissolved into tears during every transition. Choir practice, naps, Family Night lesson about baptism! Gavin starts running a fever.

Dec 4 – Baptism for Megan’s friend Maili. Christmas Brunch @ the Rocca. SEC Championship. Ward Christmas Dinner.

Dec 3 – Megan’s Harry Potter birthday party!

Dec 1 – Day started with a bang when my car battery was dead because I left the inside lights on. Christopher jumped it and then I drove to Dunwoody to charge the battery and pick up Harry Potter decorations for Megan’s party. Gavin, tired and hungry, cried for a good three hours in the evening. The kid has a crying stamina like no other, but I didn’t cave and offer him anything but dinner to eat, and he went to bed just fine.


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