Megan’s Baptism

Saturday was a special day for our family. Megan turned eight and was able to be baptized!

Stan flew in Thursday night and my family (Dad, Mom, GG & Earl, Grandma, and Ethan) arrived on Friday. We sat around, chatted, ate chili and broccoli cheese soup, and watched Megan open more birthday presents. My family spent the night at a nearby hotel and Stan stayed with us.

Saturday morning we headed to the church for the baptism. Megan was so excited and so beautiful. I started to stress a little about the details, and thankfully I had people to calm me down and remind me why we were there. It was a beautiful baptism. My dad gave a talk about baptism and Stan about the Holy Ghost. Kathy and Jasmine sang “Beautiful Savior” and about half the people there were not members of our church, including Madeleine from our building, the McGoverns, and Megan’s classmate Sarah.

There was such a sweet spirit during the baptism, as everyone in attendance loves Megan so much and can feel the love of Jesus Christ through her. She has a great deal of conviction. I am thankful for her example!

Christopher did a wonderful job with the baptism and confirmation. One of our friends, who was raised Catholic, commented how nice it was that Christopher was able to perform the ordinances, which made it even more special. I was also thankful for the help we had in Stan, my mom and dad and the rest of my family. They helped everything run smoothly, from chasing Ben to folding programs to helping with the food. After the baptism, we had some deli trays and petit fours from Publix.


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