Too tired to blog

I am too tired to blog tonight. Perhaps it’s because Ben’s going through his “jump back in the tub with his pajamas on” phase.

Perhaps it was fighting the traffic and wrangling the kids during our trip to see Santa Claus today.

Perhaps it is packing for South Carolina. We are leaving tomorrow. Perhaps it is because Christopher is probably sick with mono, and his restless nights have kept me up as well.

Perhaps it is just life. Yes, friends, I am just too tired to blog.


4 thoughts on “Too tired to blog

  1. Well, you aren't too tired to be funny so that is good. At least for me. Ben in his jammies in the tub???? LOVE it. Almost as much as I love you getting a picture of him with his jammies on in the tub. Y'all be careful driving to SC.Hope Christopher gets better soon.

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