More Christmas Week

Thursday – We played at home. Christopher arrived in the early afternoon and I took Gavin for a much-needed haircut. The weather was nice and we played outside a lot. Devin and Hillary arrived around dinnertime. I made Thai green curry. I went over to the Gaddy’s house to visit with Anne and Gerald and hold preemie Allen, three weeks old and just about six pounds. He was just like a little doll and I can’t believe Megan was that tiny (Gavin, too!)

Friday – Ben was standing up in his crib yelling “Awake!” at 5:30 a.m. Thankfully, Christopher took him and let me sleep for several more hours. During his nap Christopher and I ran errands: last-minute gift for the kids from Dad (rocket), Publix for flowers. Mom called while we were leaving Publix and told us to go back in and buy six pounds of deli meat and cheese. Like every year, we were supposed to spend Christmas Eve with all our Carroll family, but the St. Matthews cousins were all throwing up, so we changed Christmas Eve to our house last minute. Our family, the Gaston cousins, and Grandma.

Dad had to “go to work” around 4:00 p.m. Caitlin, Tim, and Atticus were flying into Charlotte. It was supposed to be a surprise but by the time my dad left everyone knew about it. He has the worst poker face ever, and everyone knows federal employees don’t work on Christmas Eve. They arrived back home around 7:30, and the party was in full force. Soon after, the extended family left so just our family could visit, which I thought was great. Without all the extra people, we put Ben to bed and everyone else calmed down. We had a 25-minute Christmas program with reading out of the New Testament and singing Christmas carols, and it was wonderful. One of the best Christmas Eves I can remember.


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